Dr. Karen G. Gennaro is a Doctor’s Doctor

Compassionate, confidential treatment for Doctors and their families in Manhattan and Westchester County NY

Looking for a professional psychiatrist in Manhattan, Westchester County NY, Connecticut or New Jersey? Dr. Karen G. Gennaro is a psychiatrist with offices in Harrison, NY and on New York City's Upper West Side.

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Dr. KAREN G. GENNARO WAS RAISED IN A MEDICAL FAMILY in which her father was a physician, her grandmother was a surgical garment specialist and her great grandmother was a midwife in rural Canada in the late 1800's.

So she has personal experience with the special issues of medical families, as well as the intergenerational aspects. She has helped doctors, their spouses and their children. Dr. Gennaro understands the unique needs arising in medical families, including conflicts regarding service and the tendency to attune to the needs of others.