Fee Information

Below is Dr. Karen G. Gennaro's fee for psychotherapy or psychoanalysis. She works with patients in Manhattan, Westchester County NY, Connecticut and New Jersey.

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  • Please note that Dr. Karen G. Gennaro ONLY provides medication management to patients who are committed to working with her at least weekly in psychotherapy or psychoanalysis on an ongoing basis.

  • The session fee is $450 per 45 minute session and payment is expected at the time of service.
  • Cheques and credit cards are accepted.
  • Insurance is NOT accepted as direct payment.
  • Dr. Karen G. Gennaro is NOT able to work with MEDICARE or MEDICAID patients in her private practice.

  • Dr. Karen G. Gennaro is considered an OUT-OF-NETWORK PROVIDER for all private insurance companies.

  • You will be provided a coded receipt for submission to your insurance provider which will reimburse a portion of the fee provided you have out-of-network coverage and have satisfied the out-of-network yearly deductible.